Inspiring Marketing

The thousand eyes of marketing, but this is not blind? As old-timer marketing, I ran for many years on the teachings of the school of marketing and have drilled through all possible strategies and fishing worm concepts. One is lacked in the marketing world. The man. Marketing was invented by people. Marketing comes from market and were once small markets on the medieval market places.

There was gossip and offered for sale, there was noise and music. How like to stroll we present marketing tourist discounts today by bazaars, even if in some regions of the world equal to overzealous PowerSellers and Bedurfnisgerecht get around the ears. But already a walk over a small Swabian vegetable market makes it clear. Marketing is the action between people. The market is at the origin of social exchange and a source of supply. Through the institutionalization of selling and the formation of a separate professional group marketing has separated from its social orientation and also a piece of the responsibility as providers. With industrialization came the pressure more products than the supply just needed to push into the market. We live in an over-the supply-also offer market (as was again the technical term for this?).

The overhang is immense and curse and blessing alike, no doubt. For the industry of selling a perpetual pressure to do more to the stuff of the dump on someone rid of them. All the stops are pulled, the neuro-linguistic findings have already entered in the sales processes and boom has cybernetic new customer wins. The whole thing has so perverted to a certain extent, because it is quite natural that our instincts here negative cast on. Now there is a new pseudo inspirational marketing ploy now, nourished by the new psychological insights. Because it literally uses the values of inspiration. For about a year, we watch the viral marketing with thousands of concepts and so found an advertisement in our E-Mail box which offered to open the corresponding page, a registration form for a newsletter.

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