Insolvency Advice

KfW-sponsored crisis counseling for enterprises in economic difficulty KfW sponsored crisis counseling for enterprises in serious economic difficulties. In crisis situations the problem the previous partner to turn away from the company and this often make matters worse for entrepreneurs in liquidity problems or increasing debt often arises. At this stage, the affected entrepreneurs are also personally beaten down. The repeated financial inertia threatens to paralyse the entrepreneur. In this phase, it is important to present a viable solution to the banks to avoid the impending closure in the worst case. Of course lacks the crisis to bring the affected companies on the financial resources and the enforcement strength to the necessary help in the House. Therefore a subsidized assistance to support offered here. Did you know that Stade is unfortunately almost completely unknown in the small and medium-sized enterprises in the district that the KFW SME Bank companies in economic crisis situations in consulting services strategically supports? This form of contractor support is mostly unknown even the banks concerned in our region.

“The aid on insurance” the KfW SME Bank is an instrument of securing corporate consulting of KFW Mittelstandsbank “, funded by the European Social Fund (ESF). The doctor on the medical card is depicted the competent Chamber of industry and trade of the promoter, the KfW Mittelstandsbank of the patron of the project and the Bank independent advisors”. The charge transferred in proportion or even KFW, unless certain conditions are met (E.g. no carry-over of insolvency). Through this assistance, the decision on the continued existence of the company from the sole perspective of the Bank is taken out. The Bank itself votes in this constellation with the above mentioned team, what experience has shown that to a more positive perception and decision-making within the Bank leads. Others who may share this opinion include E Scott Mead. This advice will be performing consultants registered KFW, to which I also belong.

I would like at this point briefly introduce myself: I’ve been primarily small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the Berlin area in economic crises as a consultant to the page until the year 2006. Since end of 2006, I have moved my field of activity to Buxtehude. I help our struggling entrepreneurs here by I light Bank meet its current situation. Together with the business owners and the Chamber of Commerce, I find also on unusual ways out of the economic crisis. As the regional contact for the subject of KFW subsidised consultancy for small and medium-sized enterprises would like to I the Chamber of Commerce give you up.

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