Innovative Guitar Lesson Virtuoso Tom Hess

New approach to playing guitar guitarist helps improve your soloing Chicago, United States – master guitar teacher and guitar virtuoso Tom Hess gives valuable insights into the lead guitar playing in a free video guitar lesson hour. “After I gave over 50,000 guitar lesson more than a thousand guitarists, I noticed, that guitarists make the same mistakes again and again when they learn to create better guitar solos.”, says Hess. “Most guitar students, struggling to bring creativity into their solos think the solution to their problem is to learn new concepts or new guitar techniques.” Hess points out, that the first step of the solution is first to learn to express more with less notes. This is the case in similar manner, if one makes a compelling speech – the most successful speakers will be the one who briefly and concisely conveys his arguments the audience. New or difficult words to the impress of the audience help the speaker to get across his message as long as the email elements of his argument not functioning properly are not. “It what to play and how to play it isn’t.” says Hess.

“One of the most effective guitar exercises that I teach my students, is to show them how to play only one or two notes on the guitar, and brings them to sound absolutely great. You can do this using a variety of expressive guitar phrasing techniques that are guitarist available, such as vibrato, slurs, slides, and other. Rather than teach new skills to my students, I’m with them working together to integrate the already existing skills and to master them to really. It is much heavier, one or two notes and they play to the shine as 100 notes at random to play. The good news is, that – after a student of the art of playing a note perfectly mastered – it is much easier to play expressive guitar phrasing with more advanced techniques.” Hess is returned recently from a 4-day course in Frankfurt, Germany, where he has taught these innovative concepts of Gitarrenphrasierungs his best online guitar students from all over the world. Free video footage of this event, in particular his guitar solo master hour, available on, as well as on YouTube. How to improve your lead guitar playing author: ULI Latus

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