Ruthlessly violated our transaction affects a long time in conformity little creature, but we usually did not notice that the answer is not on and no one who asked the question. The question asked is born a man citizen of the world, and we answered him whom our eyes can see – two-legged nesmyshlenomu erectus, secretly proud of his knowledge of how to make just such as he. Man is born, like breathing air, the moisture to sprout needed a drop of information about the unity of the world and its underlying causes, and we … Let us therefore not to be confused in the future, let us say once again, poverty in our language: make one mum and dad, and creates a man – Mrs. information. What does this mean? Imagine a person as such utter a two-story structure, as the first floor which acts as a kind of, well, being bipedal erect locomotive – only animal, biological the level of who we used to call the word 'man'.

It turns out that everything above the animal level, its 'add', there is only thanks to information from a level incomparably higher than that necessary for existence of a biological organism. And it is this 'add', rather than its biological basis, we call the 'man'. All the information material supplied to us through the sensors and then begins to work from inside, creating more and more 'stories' of our consciousness. Each new level of identity is formed "zero cycle" to build the next one, which already requires a new way of perceiving and processing information.

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