Inflation Analysis Project

As a result, the initiator the project is to understand what can happen with the draft in the event of certain events (both positive and negative). In general, the analysis of the project should include the following sections: 1. Inflation Analysis Project 2. Sensitivity analysis to changes in key parameters (sequential change of each parameter). 3.

An analysis of currency risk (if the project is present currency component) 4. Break-even analysis. 5. Analysis of project risks. 6.

What-if (what if?) Analysis. (Simultaneous change of several parameters) 9. This section is intended for the project participants (financiers, partners) to prove feasibility of the project. This section includes any additional information confirming the effectiveness of the project – articles, photographs, expert evaluations, protocols of intentions, characteristics equipment, etc. etc. Project work. Work on the project report to provide its stakeholders. This work is possible if the initial information from the Customer or, where possible, get this information from the customer’s specialists, or from public sources. In this case, work on the project goes through the following steps: * Create a model of the project – a visual representation of goods, money, information flows. * Collection of specific information for the development of investment, institutional, operational and marketing plans. * A preliminary calculation of the project to determine the necessary level of financing for the project. * Developing a financial plan of the project. * Optimization of the initial model of the project (correction of the plans) * Acceptance of the initial computational model of the project.

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