Industrial Revolution

Its diffuser methods of work are the Just-in-teams, responsible for the sincronia of the flow of the fornecimentos with the necessities of the production, eliminating the accumulation of parts in the supply, and the TPM, that it aims at to prevent the times of stop in the machines. also the CCQs, the terceirizaes, the programs of quality, training, formation, among others. In the incessant and uninterrupted search of the evolution, the FIAT innovates with the plant ‘ ‘ for rede’ ‘. In it the assembly is made in the centers, situated in areas of commercialization of the products. in these structures, each time lesser and spread, by the whole world, is produced some components of the product.

In this system it has a synchronized interaction so that ‘ ‘ the components, the products and the information if dislocate from one country to the other in an organized and continuous flow. As result of this productive reorganization, the expansion of the plant is favored stops beyond its physical limits. Thus the work leaves of being to parcel out and passes to be carried through by team, aiming at a mutual comprometimento of work around an only objective: the success and the satisfaction of the Family FIAT. 4 – Consideraes final In accordance with the considered subject, had been analyzed some models gifts in the formation and industrial transformation and its productive process. The landmark of these changes occurred with the Industrial Revolution, through the introduction of the machines in the seio of the plants. These had started to be responsible direct for the dissociao of the man in its way of production, having caused irreversible changes in its social, economic relations and politics. Also study synthetic of these transformations was carried through inside of that one of the biggest plants is considered automobile of the world.

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