Industrial Engineering

"From the memories of past lives are new." Antonio Jose Restrepo. No we would like to conclude our concerns that we discussed in previous articles about how it came EGAII, without expressing our appreciation to the first cohort of graduates of both the MBA and Industrial Engineering testified that the project started achieved its goal, showing that it is possible to obtain results when you have full ownership in achieving the proposed goals achieved. Those who graduated were able to exploit the opportunity to be the first graduates of this school and thus bring their expertise in support of the organizations where they work and of course for the state, the country. Of course it is very satisfying to be among the first graduates, the first cohort who has the responsibility to raise awareness have also been trained, trained, especially when it is a small group. Both the late friend and founder Mr. Mario Gonzalez, and myself, along with the plant teachers who contributed to its formation, we are very grateful, because they actually do a project that was planned in hopes of training professionals with a dynamic view of their responsibility to the challenges, threats and opportunities that have occurred, especially given the commitment to help Mexico to become a power that benefits all its inhabitants, providing a good quality of life and ensuring the productive sector contributing role in its economy. Personally, I am grateful to many who were my disciples, convinced that their training, they would not only provide knowledge favorable to its growth as a person, as professionals, but also help in projecting not only for graduate Nuevo Leon state, but for other states, as can be known is a fact.

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