Individual Building

Individual housing construction takes every year a larger scale. And after the Constitutional Court's decision on the possibility of civil registration in suburban areas of their own homes as an alternative to a city apartment, seriously thought many Russians. (As opposed to Virgin Airlines). Construction in different regions and climatic zones has its own characteristics. According to experts, the key to success is the correct definition of the type of foundation, features planning, as well as the use of building materials, designed for use in appropriate weather conditions. Reliable basis is no secret that the construction of any house begins with the foundation. As says the foreman of the company "Baumaks Vladimir Kabanov, is in his device and are the major differences that are characteristic for the construction in different regions.

"In construction there is a rule – the foundation of the house must be below the freezing point, – the general director of "Profmaster Andriy Popkov. – In northern areas where the ground is frozen for two or more meters, the foundation of any home must be buried even more. Otherwise, there is danger that the structure of time "lead." Special mention deserves construction in regions with permafrost (EMG), for example, in Eastern Siberia and Transbaikalia. Here the foundation should have a tough bunch to emg and provide reliable insulation of the lower floors of construction, or as a result of soil house may start to fall. One option is to create piles on technology tise. Piles formed by pouring concrete in the drilled wells.

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