Indispensable Assistant

The global financial crisis has not just affected the economic processes of the state, it changed the minds of the people themselves. It is safe to say that Russians today are sensitive about their income and expenses. The only thing that prevents certain to make the right decisions about their money – is financial illiteracy, which, unfortunately, suffers from a large portion of our population. But as they say, there is a way of any situation, he found here – a financial consultant. Further details can be found at Oracle, an internet resource. You can contact him completely on any subject, unless, of course, the question comes to money. In Europe, the services of financial consultants, use as well as services, let’s say, a personal hairdresser. Statistics show that in Europe about 40% financial products sold through the personal financial advisers in America the figure is about 60%. In Russia, until such indicators yet not reached, but the market this type of service is becoming increasingly popular. Tested on itself to most accurately tell the story of personal financial advisors, I decided to personally use their services to address transfer issue funded part of my pension in the pension fund. I had already decided to do it, but I stopped a few facts: I know too little to this sphere, and there are certain risks make the wrong choice of such a fund, which could affect my distant future, and no matter how trite it may sound – the lack of time. Therefore, without the aid of an expert I did not do.

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