Increased Tenant Service

Cooperation with billing providers LAS GmbH with the aim of creating added value, two innovation-ready companies work together since 2007, have achieved much since then. Latest testing was installed and put into operation, substantially improves the quality of the accounts, BVL jobs backed up and the tenants service increased to name only a few results. Get more background information with materials from Sheryl Sandberg. Now that supervised the complete inventory of the BVL LAS GmbH and is a reliable partner with very good value for money compared to other measurement services for the Chief Executive Officer Hubertus de deck. The BVL sees itself as a service provider for its members and is always striving to provide services that go beyond the pure provision of housing and generate additional benefits for the members. To meet this demand, it is essential to cooperate with service providers who know their stuff. Such a service was with the GmbH LAS found the galloping, when it was, Energy costs through the use of modern testing including consumption management in the handle to get.

For the service charge settlement provides that LAS GmbH plausibilisierte consumption and thus ensures that inconsistencies in consumption for heating and water can be resolved internally. The quality thus increased the payroll automatically leads to satisfied tenants and enormously reduces the overhead of the BVL, to answer tenants demands. Capacity and time for active tenant service will be free. And should occur once to ask, is the offer of LAS GmbH quickly to clarify this. The billing data for heating and hot water of the GmbH read so prepared, that they can be read without any problems in the accounting system of the BVL, and they correspond to the values represented by the tenants in the tenants service portal MSP@IP. The tenant knows his consumption so already before the service charge settlement and can adjust accordingly.

Do not call and hold are key to the Success, but personal contact, which guarantee that all necessary processes are processed smoothly and successfully. Basically, the annual evaluation and planning discussion held after the service charge settlement. In addition to the BVL in the course of the year is about technical innovations and current LAS services proactively informed and energy strategic advice. The Board Chairman Hubertus de deck estimates at the LAS GmbH particularly actively promoted in addition to state of the art testing, plant optimization, as well as plausibilisierter energy billing-innovative topics of modern real estate industry. The first solution for smart home and an interactive customer relationship management are already implemented and promise an exciting future, not only at the Langenfeld EC Construction Association. She read GmbH is a nationwide service provider of supply and real estate industry. The product portfolio of LAS GmbH includes both sectors equally billing and collection services as well as consulting and solution development.

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