In Kolodishchi

– In what the minimum amount possible to keep? – All my equipment and clothing worth $ 500 together with the weapon. – What is airsoft paintball fun? – First, the longer the distance at which can shoot. Secondly, the shots are more accurate. Thirdly, the weapon looks like this: a full-layout, which even weigh as much as the real 'Kalashnikov'. Moreover, this entourage – form. On opening and closing of going about 250-300 people, and three hundred on a paintball can not meet. Airsoft game in earnest. – How often do you play? – In winter – rarely, but in the summer – even though every weekend, wishing all the time there. The big game may last all day, and smaller, the number of participants in the 30-40 person – depending on the scenario, for example, the seizure of the building. One such scenario could run 15-20 minutes. – Where should I treat the person for the first time in my life who chooses to play in airsoft? – To do this, the Internet, there are special sites, such as site, dedicated to airsoft. Need to register, go to the forum – and there is information about the games, help about how and where to remove equipment, know the people involved in this phone. There are other sites – a large registered organizations, but they, of course, participation is more expensive. Although formal organizations people more responsible belong to the organization are big games: there are also games on the large military firing ranges, and scenarios are designed for longer. – How much to play airsoft? – 50 thousand rubles. This amount includes the shape, face shield, weapons and 400 balls. But if it is not much formal organization, we do not have to pay anything, we must bear arms and form. For two hundred dollars with their equipment already available to play. – Are there any general rules of the game in airsoft? – Do not shoot head and without a mask in the game did not come out. On the big games always have to sign a paper that the organizers of any responsibility for you not to have, in fact extremely rare, but there have been accidents due to too bigoted people. Of course, if you head there, you can wash and stumble. But by and large game netravmoopasna. – Where to play in this game? – Play at the sites, buildings, abandoned camps – in many ways. In Uruchcha guys playing at a construction site, and people called they riot police, because embraced all seriously. In is currently a large open ground with the buildings. People agree with the administration and conduct the game. Buildings can be old, brittle, sex is not always strong, and Of course, organizers warn that the participants have not jumped with all his might to the floor, for example. But as I played, never saw that something had happened. – What kind of weapon play? There are pistols, submachine guns, machine guns, mines, grenades, a sniper and weapons, but shoot, of course, beads. Basically to start choosing a machine, not a lot of money. For example, my weapons, delivery cost $ 145. Still buy a protective mask in any hardware store, to beg for some form of warrant officer – and we can go play.

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