In-GmbH On The 15th VDI Conference

in-GmbH on the 15th VDI Conference testing and simulation in vehicle development we invite a testing and simulation in vehicle development to the 15th meeting of the VDI. This event from November 16 to 17 at the Kongresshaus Baden-Baden offers you the opportunity for an intensive exchange of experience with high level professionals. New vehicle technologies require innovative applications and methods of testing and simulation technology. A strict cost management forces to the optimisation of processes and restructuring of business processes. The challenges to the test engineers in the automotive industry are the theme of taking place for the 15th time VDI Conference “Testing and simulation in vehicle development”. Proven communication platform allows an intensive exchange of experience meeting the specialists of the industry.

In addition to our innovative presentation: “Data exchange platform for the demand-oriented and process-oriented provision of experimental data of real and simulated security tests, for the purpose of comparison”, have the possibility of intensive exchange of experience with our specialists on the spot. The integration of real and simulated data from the function protection is of particular importance in the course of optimizing of PLM processes. Usually in the experimental data maintained specific systems for the discipline (real, simulation). A data exchange platform offers the possibility of interdisciplinary data to access. Talkative are a prerequisite”ala SOA systems and the ability to system-specific data formats to a common Exchange format (VSIM / MME) to raise. Gladly we would welcome you in Baden-Baden and are always available for further questions.

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