In Brazil

' ' The implication of this I finish agreement is that the Pedagogia cannot so only be restricted to the classroom. (LIBNEO, 2006 apud PASTICHI and CAVALCANTI, 2008, p.3) PEDAGOGO IN FORMATION AND the EDUCATION IN SPACES NO-FORMAIS. In Brazil, then called education not-deed of division always a lesser object in the education was considered. All the attentions had been concentrated in the education developed in the pertaining to school devices (GONH, 1994, p.91). The education not-deed of division then is seen by an absence, or a small comparison with what it exists in the educative devices. Being very worse, it is seen as a contraposition of the school, an educational model where equivalent to the classroom is not obtained to exert the educational paper. However, in contrast of this thought, research is had today that points as the immersion of the Pedagogos in these spaces is basic, being a social bias that will give to the Pedagogo base in its formation. We have then that to rethink the paper of the Pedagogo in relation to the school and to also rethink the school, he will be same that alone exists education in pertaining to school environments? Already we know that not, and the education as vehicle of social formation if of very beyond pertaining to school environments, we agree to Pastiche and Cavalcanti (2008) when says that, In this direction, the formative activity of pedagogo would be guided for the reconstruction of a conscience of solidarity articulated with educative activities (pertaining to school and not pertaining to school supported by the ideal of democratic universalizao of knowing. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from E Scott Mead. Therefore to make of the local communities, with its recognized nets and movements, protagonists in the regulation of the pertaining to school services, compels us to divide it with the collective actors the power to decide on the proper formative model in course in our country.

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