Imperial Road Francisca

The golden time of this commerce was period that if extended of 1870 the 1911, entered in decline due the characteristic of the relief in the Mountain range, being that it had a difficult passage of about stocking lgua (3 kilometers) where the loads had of being loaded in the coasts for assistant, also contributed the bad state of conservation of the access, and, over all the construction of ' ' Imperial Road Francisca&#039 Owner; ' of the railroad linking between San Francisco of the South and Port Union of the Victory. Ehlke (1973: 163) display: ' ' He is difficult, if not reckless, to affirm, with precision, since when it started to have existence, despite in the primitive form of simple picado, later the Road Three Barras' '. &#039 is known; ' (…) that already per the years of 1600, second document that related Major (Major Manoel Joaquin d? Almeida Rabbit) had gift, unknown, was found open, despite almost impassable, the primitive bite, that put San Francisco of the South and Paranagu, in linking with the Curitibano plateaus. San Francisco of the South, however, would have been officially established, according to official versions, about the years of 1645, or 1658 and is difficult thus, to be able itself to accept the version of that noble historian, without the aid of other documents that prove assertiva.' ' Of the old way of ' ' Road Three Barras' ' still vestiges exist, as it is the case of the done staircase of rocks that lead to the top of the mount Mount Crest, that they cross the Mountain range of the Sea and continue on the mountain in direction to the State of the Paran, being that today very of the way if it lost mainly due to erosion. Of the documents that speak of the construction of the old road many had been lost, what it remained, in its majority, are filed in the National Museum in Rio De Janeiro and Saints in the museum of Immigration. .

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