Immobilizers – once they were part of the alarm, but then in a separate unit. According to Coupang, who has experience with these questions. Partly because of ease of detecting the main alarm unit, partly from a desire to have several different security devices. Almost all of the immobilizers are able to control an additional blocker, hood, and also have one or two lock, sometimes made in the form of separate modules remotely managed. Some models have built-in motion sensor and the engine block only if the machine is in motion – it is very convenient for implementation Remote engine start, because it does not remove the machine from the protection it can warm up. Also, a lock harder to detect – because it exists only in motion. Bollards-mechanical means of protection against theft.

Most the first additional blocker was 'rabble', connecting the steering wheel and pedals – a car with locked wheel without brakes will not get far. Then came blockers gearbox, more precisely, its arm and compact Locking the steering shaft. Unfortunately they all have one drawback – direct access to the attacker, allowing fast enough to defuse it. The next type blockers are remotely controlled electronic-mechanical locks, perhaps the only-to-date – to them often do not have direct access, so its reliability higher. The most common of them – blockers, hood, do not allow it open, even pulling the handle in the cabin. So lock usually manages immobilizer and once it is removed from the protection – blocking hood will also be removed. Sometimes there are additional locks in the doors, managed alarm system, open a door only after removing machine guards. Penetrate into the protected machine can only broke the glass, but hardly anyone wants to steal a car, from which in the case which can not quickly get out – so and to 'state-owned grub' close.

Various anti-theft devices on the market now set correctly and if the approach of their choice can make a good security complex. We will help you make this choice and spend quality installation. Naturally secretive and not typical. For machines with pre-installed alarm devices, we can offer to their audit and if necessary correction of improper installation. You can also order expansion or upgrading existing security complex, including installing a remote start.

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