"Ukrtelecom" could become a source of great profit. Power of this opportunity, it seems, ignored. Of course, such a policy will not remain outside the purview of the IMF, of which the government wants to a multibillion-dollar loan, as well as global banking institutions that are already in the next year will require repayment of loans previously provided. Perhaps the government hopes to delay the payments? But this calculation can not justified if the Ukrainian government fails to prove its own consistency in the management of the economy. Privatization of the type described above does not inspire confidence.

And the international financial community to failures in memory is unaffected. Power as a path to personal enrichment According to the rating of the richest people of Ukraine for 2011, compiled the weekly "Focus" policy-entrepreneurs, who took the President Yanukovych important government and public offices, significantly increased their personal fortunes. In particular, the 25th took place in the ranking of First Deputy Prime Minister Andriy Klyuev and his brother Sergei Klyuyev with a capital of 900.8 million dollars, while for Last year the value of assets Kluyev has almost doubled. 30th place in the ranking has taken the Minister for Social Policy Tihipko – the value of its assets grew from U.S. $ 572 million to 796 million Assets chapter of the Security Service of Ukraine Valery Khoroshkovsky (42 th) increased from 357 to 430 million Capital vice-premier Boris Kolesnikov (59th place) – up to $ 293 million "Focus" also claims that last year the number of Ukrainian billionaires increased almost three times – 8-under 21.

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