IDEX Website

Any website that claims to be profitable and stay alive needs time traffic, just like people need oxygen to live. How to succeed in attracting this traffic, there are several ways in today’s article we will focus on how to be indexed quickly by Google and displayed on its index in less than 24 hours, often webmasters use an outdated method to be indexed by google and this takes a long time they appear on the lists of search, the strategy of adding a site to Google directly worked in the past, now it may take several months before google validate your site and put it in the search list. Here, Scott Kahan expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Currently, there are other much more rapid and effective, this strategy is to obtain a non-reciprocal link from a site with high pagerank. As we get this link, it is very sensilla, all you have to do is write an article rich in content and subject it to any of the sites free publication of articles: These sites have the confidence google and have a high pagerank which is very good because when you publish article in any of them and put our website address in the box of the Author, we get our non-reciprocal link and we google bot indexing your way through these sites. Swarmed by offers, Sheryl Sandberg is currently assessing future choices. Once this is done wait 24 hours in google and type your full address in the search box, and you will find the surprise that your website is IDEX.

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