Idendity Design

The right graphic design can contribute to the correct purchasing decision. A company wants to spread its products rapidly and extensively distributed in the market, it is important to have a good packaging. The packaging of the goods with us for about 200 years and there are more and more different types: If practical, playful or seductive, the packaging is the flagship of both the product and the company. The graphic design is important. When packed in turn it’s not mainly on the material from which it is made, but much more on the complete design, which makes them out and apart from other packaging and their products on the basis of special graphics. By William Addison Dwiggins, coined the term graphic design in 1922, and has anchored to this day. Earlier there was usually only one person, the now diverse disaggregated tasks by printers, typographers, typesetters and graphic artists and designers, alone completed. At the time the occupation graphic designer is /-in “yet unprotected.

But that one only after a successful study awarded a diploma degree and may carry as in other professions also here. The main objective of graphic design is creative visual content to a variety of media, such as cardboard boxes, plastic packaging and wooden boxes, and thus to share something other people. Especially, it takes that the corporate Idendity of a company is supported in the form of a logo or a unique slogans. Another task in the field of graphic design is to provide new information and to open up new markets with the help of drawings. The term graphic design must not be limited to pure graphic design. With the graphic design on a packaging can encourage customers to buy, do a certain amount of communications research must be operated and processed in the design. There is a close link to communication design here. The choice of graphics displayed on the packaging is in the best Case individually to the customer and to the wrapped product tailored to. To achieve this, many artistic materials and other, partly technical AIDS are used.

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