I Factory GmbH Participates In Initiative ITmitte.de

Together with 18 leading companies in the IT industry from Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony the Leipzig Internet Agency is one of i factory GmbH to the founders of the partner portal ‘ITmitte.de’. Here, the i factory breaks new ground with its network partners GmbH. After a one-year development phase, the Community invests in a new structure of cooperation for the benefit of all stakeholders. The innovative idea: Incoming applications, which are not required in our company, we recommend to our network partners and vice versa. Thus we use all the potential of candidates together and bind to qualified personnel in the region of central Germany. In the last two decades in particular the IT industry in Central Germany develops background information sustainable and positive – and still growing.

In addition to new ideas and entrepreneurial commitment also continues to highly qualified and motivated professionals are needed for. We experience as Internet service provider confirm this may. We develop Web-based solutions, the adapted directly to the individual wishes of the customer. Our core competencies on Web design, content management system, database solutions and e-commerce. In the last five years, we could double our number of employees due to the good order situation. Of which seven of our employees come from the IT sector. Add to your understanding with Robert Gibbins.

We have closed the year 2009 with a very good record. For the first time we recorded a turnover of half a million euros. This development can look at in terms of the structural development of personnel in the i-factory GmbH in a positive future. Should we even receive applications from suitable candidates, which we currently don’t need, we can forward in the future they ITmitte.de on the portal. Because the portal ITmitte.de is used to achieve the following objectives: facilitate the recruitment of professionals and executives, marketing the region as an attractive workplace, thus keep candidates in the region, strengthen the partner in their visibility in the region, the exchange among the partners involved promote. The following functions are available via this Portal: idea of company and candidate-news of members, bundling of vacancies of members, recommendation system for applicants between the participating companies.

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