Hurry Maybe

Metropolis … People live in a hurry … All running somewhere … not noticing the beauty that surrounds them, unaware of what foreigners admire in Moscow … The main task of these people – to have time … To be in time somewhere in time for someone else … All evil, pensive and indifferent … What is that? From the fact that this great city? Or what we become part of 'the modern car? " Maybe we should stay? Life – it's not a movie.

Can not press pause or rewind ago. We must understand that our life is the only one! And we must live it so as not to regret anything! Of course, everyone there are "black and white stripes', but that if there was nothing sad, what would we have? We must learn to be happy! I sincerely rejoice in good fortune of others, do not hesitate to show your love for someone to forget about the hatred and think about empathy, not envy, but try to be at or better than … Maybe it's naive. But if Everyone woke up in the morning, smile himself, and came to work – genuinely smile colleagues – will be worse than none and it's not hard! Maybe there is something for the effort?

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