The television adentra in the fabric popular constituting the worse ones of the opinions: tendenciosas, partial, scandalmonging, and, over all, false. We have infinite examples of the lack of quality of the Brazilian television and the social disease that this has in the caused one. Currently, the Brazilian TV if specialized in portraying the disaster other people’s. But one is not about a critical representation of our reality, displaying of empirical form our diseases of nature politics, economic, social or culture. Not.

It has practised the sensationalism and the cheap erotismo of unknown, absurd and incredible form. To the sundays, the show of horrors seems to reach the top of the boalidade and the bad extreme taste. They exhibit audience programs that they appeal for vulgar exhibitionism of girls physically avantajadas who, most of the time, meet in situations that allude the practical concupiscentes. For even more details, read what Gary Kelly says on the issue. We see, constantly, lubricidade scenes, luxury, in one I appeal impetuous to the desires most primitive of the viewers. Continuing in the sunday programming, the senders explore the misfortunes of those villains who the system produces daily.

Drawing of houses the poor people, cars, reencontro of father and son, people in states terminals, abandoning in total conditions of exclusion, at last, a strong stimulaton to the commiseration of the viewer serves of sustentculo the high registered hearings. One forgets that this cheap sensationalism in nothing contributes to change pssima distribution of income in the Country that it, the television, being instrument of the dominant elites, contributed excessively so that this occurred. Finally, another factor that express the reasons for which we are so primitive and unscrupulous is the constant exhibition of videos I contend disasters, many serious times, that are shown of intercalated and ironic form to the public. Automobile accidents, falls, bullying, constaints the aged ones, children, and a series of commotions fools who are evidenced in the smiles of pleasure for the other people’s disaster. Thus, this programming has cooperated to the social deformation, for the stirred up ignorance and congregated to the most depraved received examples e, mainly, it has offered to the Brazilian society the only option of being a people without the minimum of reality sense.

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