Humidor Reposo

This protects the delicate pages of the cigars from the dreaded tearing. So they can be stored even openly. In the Reposo cigars can be but also in their boxes store, allowing the various flavors do not mix. This corresponds to highest and most modern requirements of the cigar storage. This is the Reposo, one of the best and most reliable products in the area of high-tech Humidors, which is currently available on the market.

A Reposo is therefore the made-to-measure for every demanding cigar collector for first-class hotels or Michelin starred restaurants. And even specifically for yacht owners a highly seaworthy, the Reposo Nautic, is available at. Via the website can a humidor Reposo brand directly in the factory individually configured and ordered. The high-tech Humidor Reposo is available from a price of approximately 24.000,-euro.

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