Communication: ability to become understood and consequentemente to understand the others; 3. Delegation: to support without taking off the responsibility, to know the team that goes to delegate; 4.Afiliao: ability to belong the groups, and to be an example for the team. What she is difficult to find and to keep are not motivated people and yes an inspired leader who obtains to keep these professionals with will to work.

We go to analyze some facts of extreme importance. First that to keep an environment of gostoso work she is necessary that exists a daily preparation, that is, the leader of this necessary organization to exercise the desires of these people for ‘ ‘ to want fazer’ ‘. Second, what more we find in the work market is the opposite of what said first. He has companies that she wants yourself make meetings to revive its teams and, yes, promote meetings to assassinate the desires of its teams. this more is not allowed in this new world where we live. For more information see Learn more.

The environment of healthful work and the automotivao of the human being are daily exercises, that is, equal to the feeding that we consume. What we eat yesterday, already passed, does not serve more for the following day. If to want in to keep livings creature, is necessary that let us feed in them again. With the motivation it occurs the same. Thus it will only be possible to keep an environment of attractive and spectacular work to work. REFERENCES: Human CAPITAL – Jucimara Cardoso. 2019. Available in Had access in 12 nov.2010GESTO of teams? Management of People. 2010. Available in Had access in 12 nov. 2010O that it stimulates and it harms the motivation of the teams?

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