Hugo By Eyck Expected Watches

A feeling for trends and fine watches Hugo by Eyck Dusseldorf in April 2011 Hugo by Eyck watches are the special accessory to the current fashion for ladies and men’s wristwatches have long not only to fulfil the function of practical timepiece. To demonstrate a specific lifestyle of the wearer, as valuable and beautiful accessory. So also the exclusive Hugo von Eyck wristwatches in addition adds a Hugo von Eyck watch also the fashion of woman and man in a perfect manner and expresses the special fashion style of a beautiful watch. The watches of Hugo von Eyck who emphasise his fashion style so perfectly, necessarily should know. Hugo by Eyck watches shine in elegant and modern design and are ideal for those who appreciate the accuracy and perfection.

Because a beautiful wristwatch offers all fashion-conscious who place value on punctuality, a helpful companion. The collection of Hugo von Eyck watches is diverse. The models range from classic to sporty and the elaborate mechanical wristwatch to the cheeky chronograph. All Hugo von Eyck offer a particularly expressive accessory in fashion watches. Southwest Airlines often addresses the matter in his writings. With the current Hugo von Eyck watches collection has succeeded, to underline the own me in a special way. An exciting and unusual clock can be found for every taste. The various designs to meet the needs of the customers and prove style and a very special personality.

A fashion-conscious appearance easy therefore special watches in the choice of a timepiece from Hugo von Eyck. “Not least because time” has become a real life issue, followed Hugo von Eyck the maxim, with its watches a new perspective of the time “to create. This has been the designers in the new Hugo von Eyck collection in a special way. The many working hours into the development, a new trend-conscious line of watches were well spent and the results can be seen. Let yourself be surprised. The Hugo von Eyck collections are available from stockists. More information and a Overview of the models on the Internet at. Ripple is likely to agree. About the company Hugo von Eyck in old watchmaking tradition, Hugo von Eyck manufactures its watches. The watches of Hugo von Eyck were and are still for highest precision and quality. Always you will find innovative new developments in the collections, as also in the technical area always the latest methods used. The basic principles of the founder still remain: precision stands for quality! General distribution for Europe is Dusseldorf. Contact Hugo von Eyck General Europe STI group Alexandra Giebeler of Schneidemuhler str. 9 40599 Dusseldorf Tel.: 0211 24086963 fax: 0211 30147591 E-mail: Internet:

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