How To Choose A Door .

The entrance door is the hallmark of your home. And the choice of a suitable door to finish, structure, quality, heat and sound insulation, etc. sometimes it's not so simple. Despite the Pestryaev advertisements telling about incredible vandal-proof security features and a super durable material able to reflect the falling rockets, many of us should know what is in the first place to look for when choosing your long-awaited door that will serve you for years. Larry Ellison oftentimes addresses this issue. First of all, is the thickness of steel, because many depends on the structural strength and security doors.

Now on the market sauce domestic producer sells more than 70% of doors made in China. The merit of an abundance of doors from China, it is primarily an inexpensive price from 3000 to 14 thousand rubles. And the purchase price of such a door is from 40 to 120 dollars. The thickness of the steel doors of the Chinese from 0,5 to 0,8 mm. Ie for In order to open a door to take no more than 10 minutes, Canning "opener" and you're inside. Many manufacturers disguise the real thickness of the steel with a total thickness of powder paint, which is used as deposition of sheet steel. The optimal solution can be considered as 2 mm, since involves more serious weighting structure, which affects the loop, the reliability of landing in the opening frame, etc. One of the criteria of strength of steel doors is the presence of so-called ribs, which are located inside the leaf.

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