How To Achieve 52.2% Conversion In Your Business

How to achieve 52.2% conversion in your business Summary: Any advertising or Internet activity is based on converting visitors into prospects and prospects into customers. Copy what I do and find out how to achieve an amazing 52.2% conversion in my advertising. Two years I've been giving this internet hard and always told us ALL to be measured to see if our efforts are bearing fruit. When I say everything I mean … What percentage of people who visited your site became readers of your newsletter? What percentage of your readers will become customers? What percentage of visitors you called or filled out a form? And many more variables. Measure what you do is the key to reducing costs and make more money.

Notes now 3 steps I follow to achieve an amazing 52.2% conversion in my advertising. Note: I will talk about how to convert visitors into readers of my newsletter. But pay attention because it can be applied to any part of your business (forms, calls, sales, and so on. The system is the same.) The three steps that do not fail Step One: Identify service My new assistant, David Avila, has an interesting job. He is responsible for distributing my articles on websites, magazines and newspapers. But not everywhere. First, David …

Identify the client for whom I want to attract. Search the Internet sites is that client. And publish my articles. Like in your business. First you have to identify the ideal customer (and not the whole world).

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