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With the recently passed donations new projects of Christiane Eichenhofer Foundation for sick children could be financed Grosskarolinenfeld, August 17, 2009. To sponsor a charity campaign at the beginning of August on the Northern loop of the Nurburgring 24-hour wheel race, the Danto GmbH has can support the Christiane Eichenhofer Foundation advocating for sick children and their families, with an amount of 1.000,-euro. Tom and friends were recently by the organizers of this special 24-hour race, the team doc\”, consisting of passing from the Remscheid dentist Dr. Thomas Stoltz, the cyclist Jan Ullrich and cycling and motor sport professionals Harry Becker and Mike Kluge, several thousand euro for the good thing about Christiane Eichenhofer for your Foundation. About ten weeks after the international ADAC 24 h – race Doc Tom and friends on the first weekend in August to the 24 h race at the start went. Venue was one of the most challenging racetracks in the world: the Northern loop of the Nurburgring, often referred to as Called the \”Green hell\”. During the day of the race, of the 8 participants along a distance travelled over 600 kilometers on the bike and dealt with at the same time approximately 13,000 metres in height. l not settle for partial explanations. The first 20 years Jerome Mattern, who a round completed less than 45 minutes and it was just as quickly later in the race as the former professional cyclist Jan Ullrich was a surprise here.

However, the clear winner of the charity action was the Christiane Eichenhofer Foundation. Already before the start, 2,000 were secured, because two participants, in addition to Jerome Mattern had bought up the Swiss Dr. Utz Haegele, their places in the team online at the auction site eBay. There are definitely\”plans to continue the project Doc Tom and friends also in 2010, the initiator Dr. Stoltz in the future looks. \”We owe our many fans and partners that alone which have closed us in a very short time in the heart and constantly motivate us.

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