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Hence, browsing on the feedback, pay attention to hotel reviews. Yes, it's true. They judge you especially tough on the internet. Enough to send feedback and all – has written and forgotten. But what can you tell about a tiny photos of the hotel.

Nothing. This is negligible. What can you tell us about the hotel on the same page-lane And it is in such detail and judge the hotels, motels. Soon I guess some will subscribe visitors. Subscribe to news favorite hotels. In this regard, you are ready for this? I'm sure many will answer, no, not ready yet.

And I think it's too late. Now we always meet with business cards, feel different fonts distinguish juiciness colors. Site visitors appreciate all the details. Font, banners, signatures, meters, the presence of RSS, subscribe to the news. Are you getting good feedback on presentability your brand? With the help of our newsletter can be found many answers to existing questions. Our site offers you to learn what effect are the decisions you make, and act accordingly. With photos easier. Put three or four pictures and specify the address to people you trust to vote (and tell you why they voted). Do not choose a winner, but read their explanation. And if it so well out of those pictures and descriptions will choose what necessary, the text which will be convenient for you. Internet communications are particularly important, spend a few dollars, obkatat their texts and pictures on our portal. And make yourself a good fotografiyu.Na our website has a section with Descriptions and the ability to leave reviews and ratings otelyu.Vospolzuytes establish our super predlozheniem.Razmestite some descriptions of the hotel (you can add in different categories), add a different picture. Pitch friends links to the rating page. Frequently visit and check the current rating of the hotel. Applications for accommodation Please send your email PS Super proposal – the first week after placement offers for FREE. original article

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