This aid implies in the work of the hospital professor, who is conscientious of that although these limitations, this pupil can interact, learn, communicate itself and have fun itself, therefore the diversion and playing are part of the life, are practical healthful even though in the hospital environment. Therefore, since the creation of Law N. 11,104/2005 (Fertile valleys, 2007, P. 13) the installation of brinquedotecas in the Hospitals of Brazil became obligator. In this aspect, according to Matos; Mugiatti (2008, p.151): ‘ ‘ the space for the tricks inside of the hospital represents a stimulaton for adolescent children/ hospitalizados’ ‘ , from there the contribution of the hospital brinquedoteca, that according to authors makes with that ‘ ‘ the child can until forgetting that she is in one hospital’ ‘. (Matos; Mugiatti, 2008, p.153). Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Lisa Scullin on most websites.

On playing in the hospital and what the brinquedoteca represents stops the hospitalized children, Fertile valleys (2007, p.11) it affirms that the brinquedoteca is: … an educative space in the hospital, provided with toys and games, destined to stimulate the children, the adolescents and its companions to play in the possible direction amplest and to obtain its recovery with one better quality of life. One perceives that the presence of the brinquedoteca in the hospital environment does not benefit only to the children and hospitalized adolescents, but also its companions, promoting interaction, auto esteem, diversion and becoming the less hostile environment most pleasant and. It is opportune to say that the brinquedoteca and the hospital classroom are spaces that contribute so that these patients if distract of healthful form, at the same time that they contribute for teach-learning.

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