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EP in the last 30 years has increased its incidence worldwide. The mortality rate has fallen to 30% by early diagnosis. The three basic pillars of prevention through the photoprotection, self-examination and annual visit to the dermatologist. (Source: Verizon Communications). The arrival of summer reminds us that the Sun is a great enemy of the skin. Also the American authorities have done to toughen labeling and testing of sunscreens. Last Monday was the day European of the prevention of Skin Cancer. In light of this conclusion, a fact: skin cancer is the most frequent tumor in young people aged between 25 and 29 years and the second in prevalence in those who are between 15 and 24 years.

In addition, in the past 30 years has increased its impact globally and in all age groups in a landslide, with a progression that reaches figures of between 3% and 8%, depending on the geographical areas and the characteristics of the population. Clear skin and long hours of sunshine, the director of the service of Skin cancer of the Hospital USP San Camilo, Miguel Sanchez Viera, says that although Spain is not the country with the greatest incidence figures, that which is placed in the second group of countries with the highest prevalence rates along with some Mediterranean countries and southern Europe and some States of North America. This is due to the large number of Sun hours that are posted on the peninsula and to the type of skin of the population, which in many cases is clear and, therefore, with lower capacity of pigmentation and protection capacity. However, and while the incidence figures are alarming, the mortality rate has fallen 30%, due, largely, to early diagnosis of pathology. And is that when the melanoma, which is the more aggressive cutaneous tumor, is diagnostic in the early stages the cure rate is 95%. The three pillars the prevention, according to Dr.

Viera, passes through three fundamental pillars: the photoprotection, the self-examination and the annual visit to the dermatologist. Whenever we are going to be exposed to the Sun must protect us: sunscreen and hat or Cap always climb out onto the street for a long time or working to air free (one of the areas with increased susceptibility to the development of skin tumor is the pinna). Put enough sunscreen. Due to sweating, evaporates. It is recommended to guard every 2 or 3 hours and after each bath. It is recommended to use a guard with clear skins 50 FPS and 30 FPS in fur eels. It should go to a dermatologist once a year and, in the case of types of sensitive skins (subtypes 1 and 2), of having suffered skin cancer or have a family history of it, twice a year. Self-examination. You must go to the specialist spots that persist or grow appear, and when that had to change color or shape. Source of the news: skin cancer is one of the most frequent in young people

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