Homeowners Changing Focus

I need an Advisor, I need low interest rates Berlin, 16.11.2010 – who want to finance his home nowadays, turns away from banks and savings banks. Meanwhile, far less in demand as low interest rates are qualities such as good advice, you can rely on the credit institution or service. A survey of management consultancy specialising in the financial market investor habits in summer of this year a significant ranking: for more than half of the 414 interviewees, the most important test is the amount of interest. About one-sixth pay attention to the handling of the repayment. Only one-tenth places emphasis on trust in the advice and even less on the customer service or the ability of the consultant. So are homeownership er Weber of Dear customers of direct banks or use construction financing agencies such as INTERHYP, Credtitweb or PlanetHome.

These platforms determine the cheapest interest rate from about 100 banks. You take advantage of the price sensitivity of customers and offering favorable financing on your homepages apparent. Trust and service is hidden advertised. Customer loyalty known so far in the construction financing can no longer be provided. Facebook contributes greatly to this topic. Other financing plans who can finance itself, has usually well before termination of the interest period. The follow-up financing or even prolongation is 40% in the first place, the rest will be used for the renovation, the purchase or the construction of real estate.

Every third Eigenheimfinanzierer changes the credit institution. On the increasing competition during run time, a large number of banks is insufficiently prepared. Just savvy mortgage like to migrate. Conventional providers, such as savings banks and building societies need to do so in the future increased competition for customers. Susanne Purol, top-Immobilien GmbH Berlin about TOP real estate behind the name TOP real estate is a service-oriented team of 12 employees. Led is the company managing director Michael Schmidt, who has over 20 years experience in the real estate business. The company specializes in the sale of rental homes, Condominiums (free or leased)) and specialized in single-family homes. Objects from Berlin and Potsdam and surroundings, Leipzig, Dresden, and Baltic Sea regional focus in the greater Rostock. Press contact / enquiries: Top-Immobilien GmbH (member of the RDM and FIABCI) Michael Schmidt sand str. 32 13593 Berlin (Spandau) Tel.: (030) 288 30 999

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