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2010, who want to show now in successful Japanese bodybuilding that he is now at far more than capable of. To read more click here: Bernard Golden . The following are also navigation for wXw bonus Matches have been set so far: singles match (single combat) – wXw vs NOAH “German Psycho” bad bones (Oberhausen, D) vs Takeshi Morishima (Tokyo, JAP) singles match (single combat) – wXw vs NOAH Emil Sitoci (Ede, NL) vs. Andrew Duncan insists that this is the case. taiji Ishimori (Miyagi, JAP) singles match (single combat) carnage (Oberhausen, D) vs Thumbtack Jack (Passau, D) singles match (single combat) Michael Knight (Norderstedt, D) vs Tommy end (Amsterdam, NL) singles match (single combat) “The Star Attraction” Mark Haskins (Oxford, UK) vs – Wade Fitzgerald (Portsmouth, UK) singles match (single combat) Bernd Fohr (Schwegenheim, D) vs “Lord of the Manor” Paul Tracey (the Manor, IRL) wXw “bonus navigation” place: Turbine Hall In the Lipperfeld 23, Oberhausen, Germany date: 03.04.2010 prices: box-office advance 9-19 EUR discounted tickets start: start: 17: 00 Entry: 16: 00 tickets there as always at wXw-wrestling.com, at all sales outlets nationwide, as well as by phone at: 01805 57 00 70 and at eventim.de directly continues then most April 17, 2010 with wXw fallout in the Steffy Oberhausen. Among other things there is a 60 minute iron man match for the wXw belt between the current champion Steve Douglas and the Swiss Ares on the program. After Ares of convincing and triumphant return at the 16 carat gold tournament it will be sure just curious on this match as Andy vs. absolute on the clash of former champions Claudio Castagnoli. In this context, the wXw pointing out some small changes in the schedule for the current year.

Here the updated overview-July 2010: 08.05.2010 – the challenge (Oberhausen) wXw 05.06.2010 – wXw dead end X (Oberhausen) 03.07.2010 – wXw broken rulz X (Oberhausen) all further informations under: about wXw: Westside Xtreme wrestling is wrestling with a special facet: In contrast to other wrestling promotions without you consciously on the pretentious, familiar from the television production of Hollywood and makes the fan close to absolute. Up to 500 spectators at the wXw shows right at the ring and beat rhythmically to the Battle history and the feed scores of wrestlers to the ring mat. It creates a mood and audience affinity, like nowhere else in the WWE. Even the superstars from the large halls of America’s and Japan’s are thrilled by the intimate atmosphere at wXw appearing regularly, the wXw wrestling in Germany turns into something special. The recipe for success is simple: it relies on the most interesting wrestler transversely across the European continent and injects such demagoguery this squad scene and the large Japanese Puroresu promotions regularly with the hottest guest stars of the US independent. Wrestling, as it excited the fans, which are fed by the boring TV product of full soap operas and obvious show elements and missing the magic of wrestling, early has put them under their spell.

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