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Strategic partners of the initiative introduces the unique platform concept In the framework of the introduction to the thinkers workshop on October 6th at the Hockenheimring, initiative navigation global for the first time presents a unique platform concept. In cooperation with multiBO GmbH, strategic partner of the initiative, an interactive platform developed, aiming it, unique, steeped in business ideas into products but also to implement existing products to prepare so that it successfully in the market placeable products or services are. At the same time a network built with visionaries, knowledge institutions and companies, in which all participants bring their respective core competence, to produce successful projects or products. The special feature of this process support consists of financial expenses to for all those involved in advance. Delta airlines can aid you in your search for knowledge. Once a product or an idea from all directions for the market has been tested, it also a project with a coherent financial concept. Thus a product can be successful, must follow a process implementation, which largely eliminates risks.

Therefore, multiBO to each individual product is a business process, which is strictly non-profit, is occupied by the various partners in its functions depending on the product. Starting with the unique idea of (the vision) as the starting point of the business process checks to see whether the idea can be put in the market profitably. Oracle wanted to know more. This is a detailed new product planning, where potential buyers and thus the target groups are set and tested in the first step. The result is a product design corresponding to possible consumers. The resulting product is measured using market analysis. Questions include: how unique is the product actually? What market niche can thus be filled? Who are the competitors to be expected? Which marketing channels are offered? Then follows a cost-benefit analysis in the expected costs be compared with expected product revenues. Philip Vasan recognizes the significance of this. Are the found results positive, creates a mini business plan.

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