The musk 1 is a valuable substance, extremely aromatic, contained in a stock market under the skin of the abdomen of the male almizclero that lives in the high tips of the Himalayas. When the almizclero reaches certain age, the penetrating scent of the musk begins to exude of that stock market. The almizclero is excited by the delicious aroma and it moves for here and there, smelling under the trees and bushes, looking for everywhere sometimes during many weeks -, trying the source of the persistent fragrance. Incapable to locate the intoxicating perfume, he becomes extremely anxious and, immediately, irritated. In his agitation, in a last desperate effort and to find the source of the maddening essence, it is known of cases in which the almizclero jumps between the high steep tips and falls towards the death in the valley that extends down. The hunters, when they find corpses, cut the yearned for stock market of the musk. Um illuminated bard sang certain time: " Or confused almizclero: you everywhere looked for the fragrance, except in your own body. Eh there why not it you found.

S.A. less you would have watched in your search, towards same you, would have found the musk yearned for and you would have been saved of the death on rocks, underneath montaas". Most of the people behave like the almizclero. They look for the slippery, always fragrante happiness, throughout, outside they themselves. And when finally, they cannot find the true happiness, whose source lies hides in the recondite secrets of its own souls, jump by the steep tips of the high hopes and they fall apart in stones of the disappointment. Confused almizclero human, if at least you returned your mind for inside, in deep the daily meditation, you would find the source of all true and lasting happiness, in the recondite silence but of your own soul. Loved well that these trying the happiness: you are not like the almizclero, perishing in the search to the outside: it wakes up! " And in the cavern of the deep meditation, it finds the eternal happiness within your being inmortal" Notes:

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