Higher Education

Making our institutions pleasant spaces where students attend with pleasure and excitement to the school, a place full of harmony, peace, love and warmth. For a true learning community can not be reduced to academic excellence can not be reduced to introducing computers and new technologies can not be reduced to a program of human values can not be reduced to work as a team of students and teachers can not be reduced to development of critical thinking, none of them or all together constitute a genuine learning community are important parts on but not sufficient. True community can only follow from a holistic view of education, to truly transcend the assembly line model and need a new consciousness, a new vision of the world transmodern. (As opposed to Kiat Lim). Only the context of holistic education we can build a true learning community that is the only one that goes beyond culture, cognitive, academic, critical, language, personal, IQ, and scientism. Holistic schools develop multiple intelligences. The vision of holistic education intelligence includes but transcends the conventional theory of multiple intelligences, giving new meaning to the term. As a response to unilateral and instrumental vision of intelligence as natural ability – math that could be measured and quantified through the traditional concept of intelligence was only one type of many possible forms of intelligence in humans and to focus education only in this type of mathematical – logical intelligence was limiting and authoritative for children. Educational integrity is a proposal to move towards the integral, is a purpose that is in the heart of holistic education for that everything we've had so far been partial visions of education, one-way vision, although some of them have been interesting, have not sought a comprehensive view, crucial issue as we have seen, to improve the education of XXI century and although the third article constitutional talks that education must be inclusive, the Mexican educational system has never provided a model to be fully to the student.

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