High Season

In the spring out to the outing – 2 fresh ideas for the North a trip to the country by the bulging green and flowering meadows is that, especially in the tranquil Wendland, recuperation, an immersion in spring moods and images. Wunde.r.Punkte in the Wendland, 13-24 May 2010 “: If over 100 artists and life artists, craftsmen, musicians and theater people about Ascension and Whitsun to the cultural outing” in their studios, inviting culture barns and gardens, rural excursion happiness is perfect. “You can make the tour through the typical round villages by car, relaxed and environmentally friendly but without it goes: someone who has time, a bicycle and open sense, studied the 320 pages strong travel companion” in the slow train to Luchow-Dannenberg and then bike bus. From the first targeted venue then continues per pedales. The exhibitors are distributed on over 80 villages, the spectrum ranges from almost forgotten craft techniques to avant-garde, from happy hobby up to high-profile contemporary art. Also cabaret and music fans get their money’s worth. This mixture seems a recipe for success, attracting a growing audience without extensive marketing for 21 years, most recently estimated 30 000 visitors.

What fun loving energy creates resistance, that shows the program booklet with its proud 474 individual events. The cultural outing has originated”in the anti-nuclear activities of the long-established and drawn to that formed since the beginning of the discussion about the possible nuclear waste repository Gorleben into a creative as well as peaceful resistance movement. After 30 years debate to Gorleben should live”the nuclear phase-out has become social consensus colourwise, but even so some Bard’s beard. Even more, a rural space, which was an almost forgotten country line of the old Federal Republic at the time of the East-West German border, must strive for invigorating talent. Young artists find for example in the premises of the Association Kunstundso”first in Luchow Exhibition opportunities.

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