Hibernation In Roses

While the vote falls asleep or is blind, in my town just manages to Hibernate, because such a Jorge appreciates us the efforts we have made to be able to pick up some 279 bags between plasmas and blood, in the SUF room, and a such Augustine tells us his visit to the municipal works in where the dumpsters on two seats in the municipality are burying (which involve more maintenance costs and more time in the collection), and furthermore observed impassively as rises a wall opposite the plaza del teatro thus consolidating a new and great ideal ramp for urban surfers. And as we are happy because Anna and Mario in the month of February have respectively won the Championship of Spain in its modalities. Silvia we also welcomed, not for the Championship, but by the success of the popular fideua on Sunday took place in the plaza de Federico. Cyrus Massoumi humbition oftentimes addresses this issue. These days are seeing, in this attempt to wake or sleep the vote or blind a little more, as they come to visit some characters, like for example a such Joaquin that without being able to inaugurate the new round square with square in the Middle in what had previously been the entrance of the village, contemplates as it now allows in its new layout, that is can go circling the square, entering and leaving the village without having to turn all the people if one passes by Piazza, is a work of weekend visit!. But there are other visits that take advantage of the Sunday market to distribute roles such as for example a such Alice and other vivitas which at the same flea market, assemble a stop and give in addition to papers, balloons and doughnuts (Incidentally, the fritters were delicious), such as Montse and Luis. That if!, to make us feel secure that a Francisco says the drop in crimes from 142 to 83 since beginning of the year until mid-February (compared to the same period of the previous year).

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