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The Hof/Saale-based energy distributor HFO energy GmbH (www.hfo-energy.de) marketed by lekker energy electricity and gas tariffs. Dealer urgently wanted! The farm-based energy distributor expands its product portfolio to the renowned energy provider of lekker energy. Lekker energy, we offer our resellers nationwide very interesting electricity and gas tariffs. There is also a very reliable supplier with interesting tariff models relating to industrial customers with performance measurement of lekker energy”informed Alexander Albert of HFO energy GmbH. lekker energy informed you even as follows: for every electricity and gas customers a precise and flexible offer.

“The our claim, is true to the motto energy, as I she likes”. For years, the competition in the German energy market with environmentally and consumer friendly products gives lekker energy momentum. More than 300,000 households as well as commercial and industrial customers already can convince yourself of the quality of our service as ESCOs. This way is our Companies go further since 1 January 2010 under the umbrella of the ENERVIE group. The respective rates are available in the online calculator for the respective distribution partner of HFO energy. In the coming weeks, HFO energy offers 2011 many advantages in the marketing of electricity and gas tariffs with its partner offensive.

These include for example the extensive program of the caboose or short-term Commission payments. The order entry service is new to the program in HFO energy. We support our dealer where we can. “If we can capture the orders for the partner he continues his strengths focus on sales and acquiring new customers” Alexander Albert of HFO energy reported. The HFO energy company was founded in 2009 in court. The HFO energy GmbH has developed nationwide since its inception as one of the largest independent energy broker. In conveying the company specializes the neutral marketing of electricity and gas tariffs. In addition, HFO energy offers a comprehensive portfolio LED lamps. The HFO energy provides more than 18 different vendors in the meantime: optimal Grun Charity, SauberGas, FlexStrom, ESD energy South Bavaria GmbH, Stadtwerke Kassel, GoldGas, Lichtblick, lekker energy, Vattenfall, EGT Energiehandel, Stadtwerke Leipzig u.w.

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