Hence Society

Education in the classification theory of values, it is implicitly assumed that all are related and of equal value, according to this theory, it is the person recognize their beliefs and behaviors, choose those it deems best and to act on accepting the consequences. (Gallegos 2007:45) Hence, for values education are taken into account such that each institution considers relevant work, and that although there are universal values, they remain subject to the discretion of the authority making the decision on what it considers relevant work in this historical moment and social context. As mentioned above, the currency is necessary for the development of a people, of humanity, but that modernity has brought us to a world full of banalities, mechanistic, in which the pleasure of living this worldly life we lead. In this regard it is questionable as far as this frivolous way of living gives happiness to man, because to be included and accepted in society has to run a picture of person, which is the stereotype of a modern world, this is evident in the youths who have to wear designer clothes and wear a statuesque figure. This confirms in part the superficiality in being educated younger generations, you can not generalize, but is a constant that is evident in schools today. Polo Santillan (1996) mentions that has become a consumer society, as people fall into a pattern of consumers according to their social position, which is favored by the media. Santillan said that going through a crisis of the modern paradigm and some elements that give examples of this are: a) The fragmentation of human consciousness since it fails to integrate with itself and the whole being. .

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