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This ensures a maximum level of margins in all relevant levels of trade. Due to the unique focus to the dealer with our B2B solutions and targeted sales and marketing activities for the middle class, we strengthen the market position of our sales or retail partners targeted”, explains Lothar Symanofsky, leading general sales manager of BitDefender GmbH. BitDefender’s security technology as well as the clear focus of IT security products and services to mid-market offer even higher added value the channel. From lead generation, targeted marketing support, pre sales support by our support engineers up to the after-sales services our retail partners, helping with the new affiliate program all marketing, technology and support resources in a targeted and effective sales strategy integrated”, says Symanofsky. Harald Philipp, CEO of BitDefender GmbH, further explains that the BitDefender GmbH have newly aligned after a long restructuring period. A new management and therefore decision-making with an optimized sales, marketing and service strategy, as well as the unique Kommittment to the trade gives advantages to our competitors us”, explains Philipp.

About BitDefender: BitDefender is a leading, global provider of proactive working and internationally certified security solutions for desktop PCs, enterprise networks and mobile devices. The company has one of the fastest and most effective portfolio of security software that sets new standards for risk prevention, timely detection and reliable removal. BitDefender has B-HAVE, which integrates new, proactive virus detection technology, the currently most advanced weapon against unknown viruses in its products. B HAVE finds and eliminates even unknown viruses regardless of virus signatures.

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