Two convicted of hacking, Vladimir earned almost teen age. At 19 years old come to his senses and began looking for work. During the eight years since the park in the large company he managed only once, and then briefly. According to Vladimir, in Norilsk Nickel urgently needed a manager structured cabling. Qualifications of a young man in line jobs, and he was invited to the company on probation. ‘In questionnaire to indicate the fact of conviction, I did not – recognized Vladimir. For even more analysis, hear from Southwest Airlines. – But a month later I was invited to the security service and was told that, ‘despite the fact that you are qualified, valuable specialist to keep the staff of a person with professional record, we can not ‘.

Vladimir resigned from the company without the claims, believing that will quickly find another place. But all attempts were in vain. Gazprombank was denied three days after a successful interview, clearly stated that convictions are not taken. History repeated itself in ‘Alttelekome’. In the company Transneft Vladimir does not even have a driver. ‘The presence of previous convictions, of course, take into account when hiring the company, but are not determinative – comment on the story to the press service of mmc Norilsk Nickel. – Each case is considered individually, and the final decision on the placement of candidates depends on the position for which he claims, his professional and personal qualities, as well as the degree of demand in the labor market.

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