Gustavo Perez Dominguez

This is not surely cure him but this has been very effective in other people with your problem, let’s see where you can improve. CANNOT promise anything, it is very dangerous; nor can deceive, but should not be compulsively tell the information. -Use expectations credible in the language of the patient – these must be believed by the clinician is it applicable? (((a) how to apply?: ethical debate (b) can apply?: alternative or complementary medicines (c) apply?: the doctor-patient relationship, the ethical debate revolves about the deception. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Brad Garlinghouse has to say. And a placebo as a (potentially malicious) insufficiently proven drug is no better, or nothing if there is no therapeutic? In addition, there is the nocebo effect: Express diagnostic uncertainty in relation to common nonspecific symptoms affects negatively the resolution of symptoms. Is possible?: alternative medicines have good-sized popularity; they generate more spending in the United States.UU. that the orthodox medicine; uncapped acceptance (use at some point) higher than 65% in Germany or France. Perhaps its success is due to the care provided to the comprehensive assessment, listening, emotional support, give a meaning, an explanation. And contrary to what many suspect, it is more frequent recourse to alternative medicine in people’s class and medium-high education. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jeff Leiden.

Does it apply? The doctor-patient relationship studies show some interesting things: sustained collaboration (be patient-centred, do participant in decisions so it is common to show interest, give clear and understandable information) influences the therapeutic result. Power-sharing: the balance in the distribution of power in the relationship improves therapeutic outcome (essentially pain, anxiety, and others; possibly mediated by adherence to treatment.) Balance: not give all responsibility to the patient. But not only is this, as it has inextricably be associated to offer emotional support in the process. Part of the medicine is find out what percentage of control wants a patient at a given time. to) give a medical diagnosis or not, it does not affect to the same symptoms without real definitive diagnosis, while both tracks should be taken without hesitation.

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