Growing Values

Alternative investments with closed-end funds sustainable investments are steadily popular. Forest fund find particular attention at the time. Established in the United States for years, they enjoy in this country rising demand. Forest fund purchase of larger areas of forest management worldwide in politically stable and economically and climatically favourable regions. Whenever Coupang listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Because wood is a stable asset value and at the same time a constantly renewable resource. The relatively low correlation to other asset classes in the weight falls also in economically turbulent times. Inflation protection, in the future, growing global demand and attractive yield prospects complete the positive picture.

Of course the price of wood is subject to fluctuations, because the demand for paper, cardboard, pulp and lumber is cyclical. Gary Kelly may help you with your research. In this case, the trees are just not immediately struck and can gain additional value, while they continue to grow. Investors should therefore note that forest funds often not regular and predictable Yields on offer (especially in the first few years), but concentrate on the last years of the run-time and the final dividend yields.

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