Because of this, some authors have called a hybrid discipline product of the conjugation of the commercial marketing policy, communication and political science. Commercial marketing adopts concepts such as study of market segmentation, positioning, image, marketing mix and distribution channels, among others. Policy and its Sciences, it resumes concepts such as strategy, tactics, proselytizing, plan campaign and propaganda by some. However says Valdes, considering, that this is a discipline distinct, since political science is a part of social science that deals with the phenomena of society related to power, the State, the Government, culture and man in their social interaction. For his part, political marketing is a discipline that seeks to find the causal relationship of the phenomena of communication, public image and strategies of persuasion of political elites towards society in searching and/or conservation of power.

It is not merely descriptive or prescriptive, but also analytical and has an operational and dynamic character. Remember, that to commercial marketing is defined as the study and analysis of the market, as well as the instrumentation of programs carefully formulated and brought to the practice that are voluntarily carried out exchanges of values between two or more individuals. Marketing is also conceptualized as a social and administrative process through which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want to create and exchange products and securities by others. Thus, the marketing means working with markets to make exchanges with the purpose of meeting needs and desires of human beings. Definitely the study, application of marketing in the social political life of the country, for example, in a Venezuela that the present debate in an atmosphere very polluted politics, political marketing should be taken into account in the universities themselves. Through their schools of administration in order to provide the knowledge and applicability of the foundations of markets in this topic and that it would favor many entities to operate within the policy and achieve your goals. Take into account, that political marketing involves the analysis and knowledge of the needs of citizens within the scope socio-political and the development of plans and programs leading to your satisfaction.

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