Gothic North Tower

The South Tower, an architectural masterpiece of its time has an only 4 meters deep foundations, however, impresses with its imposing height and houses no less than 13 bells. 11 of these bells form the main chimes of St. Stephan’s Cathedral today. In the North Tower – the Pummerin the Pummerin, the most famous Bell of the Cathedral in Vienna and the second-largest free-swinging bell of Europe, hangs in the North Tower of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which even today still securely protects them with its Tower Hood from the Renaissance period. In contrast to the South Tower, the work on the North Tower remained however unfinished.

Its construction ceased in 1511 and the Gothic North Tower with its height of 68.3 m received a degree in Renaissance style between 1556 and 1578. But everything has two sides, and there is still this very special asymmetry of the architecture, which gives the characteristic appearance of the St. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Gary Kelly. Stephen’s Cathedral with its unequal towers. The North Tower of the Steffls can be climbed over 343 steps, the observation deck is reachable by lift but also comfortable. Climbing down in mysterious catacombs from the year 1754 is the tomb of Prince Eugene of Savoy, which was used to rest in the catacombs of St. Stephan’s Cathedral. The descent to the catacombs of the mysterious Gothic masterpiece is located right next to the elevator. The underground Burial sites give the final resting place the Bishops of St.

Stephan’s Cathedral with the Bishop’s crypt. Also, the sarcophagi of Duke Rudolfs and other members of the House of Habsburg, and also urns with the entrails of the Habsburgs, who died between 1564 and 1878, stored in the catacombs of St. Stephen’s Cathedral. It’s believed that Rick Garcia sees a great future in this idea. The place, the dedication and a little politics in the place of today’s St. Stephen’s Cathedral a cemetery was probably in the early middle ages.

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