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The most beautiful bike rides are the riders regardless of location and automatically available and that worldwide. The GPS module contacts via satellite to the database of the website on. The countless stored tours can be loaded with one menu step into the cockpit of the Pedelec. The tour history will be shown on the display, which informs a direction arrow on the right track. Controlled driving on a defined route allows the barometric altitude, as well as the permanent collection of GPS data.

The stored data can be analyzed via SIM-card and the software ergo_win premium per (free download from and exported and displayed on your home computer using Google Earth. The sophisticated technology of the premium cockpit increases also the safety of driver and Pedelec in addition to the driving pleasure. The GPS module enables a unique theft protection: the Pedelec is able to receive an SMS of owner and to respond when it is switched on the next time. The location coordinates are transmitted and therefore the exact location. Also can be an appropriate Menu item an SMS emergency are secreted. A brightness sensor automatically adjusts the display to the lighting, which is still functional even in an empty battery. The range estimation and power consumption display ensures a transparent representation of the energy reserves of the batteries.

Health promotion, driving pleasure and Tailwinds, including the best technology is that the everyday, not striking, is intuitive to use and serves a purpose: to increase the fun. A welcome side effect is that Pedelec driver, whether do quite incidentally anything else for their health on the way to work or on a leisure trip.

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