Google Analytics

It is worth analysing the origin of reference sites visits. This is very simple by clicking on the link that appears just below the graph of the main sources of traffic. Here will find, precisely, a list of the sites that more traffic we have derived. These data could help, for example, decide if it is worthwhile to make a campaign of sponsored links linear or textual, or place banner ads on certain sites. All the tables and details listed show us, the same modo, the average time of visit, and the average number of pages viewed each time that you access our site. It is very useful to analyze these details, because they will give us clues about the steps that you will need to take in terms of marketing strategies.

For example, high bounce rates can tell us that our site is not what users are looking for, or some reason, such as the slowness load, it makes you exploring navigation prematurely. In sum, the analysis of the Fuentes de Trafico de Google Analytics, and the rest of the possible statistical systems, is a rich source of information which, undoubtedly, will modify our original web marketing plan..

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