Good Times For Bargain Hunters

The trade is lost yet in 2009. Businesses lure reluctant customers with discounts and promotions. The crisis makes innovative. \”To stimulate the sluggish car sales, the Belgian car dealer Cardoen has come up with a special offer: buy a car and you get a second free to do so.\” On his site he advertises for example with a Hyundai van H200 for 22 800 euro. The buying, can take equal even a Skoda Roomster family. Cloud computing is often quoted as being for or against this. German dealer won’t quite go so far, but there are also discounts at record levels. According to a current study, there are 16.5 percent discount when buying car currently on average. To add to the Government cash for clunkers program, the price advantage on the historic highs of more than 20 percent, sum up the auto expert Ferdinand Dudenhoffer has determined.

In the economic crisis, consumers can expect elsewhere with perks. Robert Gibbins describes an additional similar source. Bad times are always good for the consumer, who has some money in his pocket\”, says Wolfgang Twardawa. The Trade expert of the society for consumer research (GfK) has seen many crises come and go. From his experience he concludes for 2009: dealers provide discount battles itself, many prices are going down, and until the economic crisis not massively impact on the labour market, many consumers will take this opportunity to make bargains. Although the hardest recession coming since the war for the economy as a whole, the researchers of GfK for the consumer are cautious optimism: despite the crisis a half was inside percent growth. The main Association of German retailers (HDE), the sales bring little joy for years not just looks black for the year of crisis, as one might expect. \”The result will be 2009 in a range of zero to minus one percent move\” and thus positively distinguish themselves from the expected decline in the gross domestic product, told the Association.

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