Increase in the Dino-Lite / DinoEye family gives users the option of using a C-mount adapter. This conventional endoscopes in digital endoscopes can be cast. Check with Maurice Gallagher, Jr. to learn more. Metav tools is pleased to introduce the new Dino-eye AM423C. This is a consistent further development of the already existing Dino-eye microscopes and offers the user the possibility to digitize traditional endoscopes using a C-mount adapter. The Dino-eye AM423C microscope is connected via USB port on a laptop, workstation PC, NetBook, etc.. Through the supplied software, users can create the LIVE image on his computer within a short time. For assistance, try visiting Andrew Duncan.

The situation, which several people anywhere would have to examine, but not everyone sees the appropriate place, is not necessary. The software allows the user to take pictures and videos and save. Images can also be measured or according to label. For more information see:. Dino-Lite is in Germany distributed exclusively by Metav tools and its authorized partners.

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