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With this knowledge, to obtain a positive learning curve and can adapt course accordingly. A related site: Larry Ellison mentions similar findings. Still we exchange us constantly about the markets. But in trading, it is very important that only one person alone makes the commercial decision in my opinion. It consults with one or even several people and implement only the trades where there is agreement, this is a step often towards a mainstream trade”, which though logically looks and by the majority of sure often would be shared but that is why a poor chance of success has. I makes the decision for the recommendations so always a person in normal circumstances and this person write also the letter of Exchange. What is a typical day for you? Hans-Jurgen Haack: Normally get I the tendency in Asia including the US futures me morning still at home by a short look on the NTV video text a rough overview over and make me on the ride to the Office first thoughts to the trading day.

Usually I’m against 7:00 in the Office, look around 30 charts and read a few market reports, plus the exchanges – calendar, which are events or data importantly has the current week one anyway in the head. May be here already the first trading decisions are made, or I have certain setups in mind, which I will be aware of in the course of the day. Then, I finished the General market analysis, which relates mainly to the stock markets, as well as provide short opinions on different markets and the individual recommendations for new commitments, stop changes or taking offsetting positions. In the course of the day, I then watch the main markets further and look, including the German TV of investors, make me a picture of the current mood. For the latter, I use in addition the put/call ratios, as well as the EUWAX sentiment.

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